Proof Kennedy Half Dollars

Proof Kennedy Half Dollars (Buy on eBay) have been struck for each year of the series, with the exception of the years from 1965 to 1967 when special mint set coins were issued instead. The composition of the Proof coins has varied over the years, as the silver content was phased out of the denomination and then resumed for certain collector versions of the coins.

1970-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
1970-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1964 Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was struck at the Philadelphia Mint in a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. Starting in 1968, the Proof coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint, carrying the “S” mint mark. From 1968 to 1970, the coins carried the prevailing composition of 40% silver. From 1971 to present, the standard Proof coins were struck in the copper-nickel clad composition. For all years, the Proof half dollars were issued within Proof Sets offered for sale to collectors.

For certain numismatic products, the Proof Kennedy Half Dollars have been struck in precious metal compositions. In 1976, Proof coins were struck in 40% silver and included in a special three-coin set to celebrate America’s Bicentennial. Starting in 1992, the U.S. Mint released an annual Silver Proof Set, which included the half dollar struck in 90% silver. To mark the 50th anniversary of the series, Proof half dollars were struck in silver and gold compositions with a variety of mint marks.

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages

1964 Proof3,950,762
1968-S Proof3,041,506
1969-S Proof2,934,631
1970-S Proof2,632,810
1971-S Proof3,220,733
1972-S Proof3,260,996
1973-S Proof2,760,339
1974-S Proof2,612,568
1976-S Proof7,059,099
1976-S Proof Silver Clad4,000,000
1977-S Proof3,251,152
1978-S Proof3,127,781
1979-S Proof3,677,175
1980-S Proof3,554,806
1981-S Proof4,063,083
1982-S Proof3,857,479
1983-S Proof3,279,126
1984-S Proof3,065,110
1985-S Proof3,362,821
1986-S Proof3,010,497
1987-S Proof4,227,728
1988-S Proof3,262,948
1989-S Proof3,220,194

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages Continued

1990-S Proof3,299,559
1991-S Proof2,867,787
1992-S Proof2,858,981
1992-S Silver Proof1,317,579
1993-S Proof2,633,439
1993-S Silver Proof761,353
1994-S Proof2,484,594
1994-S Silver Proof785,329
1995-S Proof2,117,496
1995-S Silver Proof679,985
1996-S Proof1,750,244
1996 Silver Proof775,021
1997-S Proof2,055,000
1997-S Silver Proof741,678
1998-S Proof2,086,507
1998-S Silver Proof878,792
1999-S Proof2,543,401
1999-S Silver Proof804,565

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages Continued

2000-S Proof3,082,483
2000-S Silver Proof965,421
2001-S Proof2,294,909
2001-S Silver Proof889,697
2002-S Proof2,319,766
2002-S Silver Proof892,229
2003-S Proof2,172,684
2003-S Silver Proof1,125,755
2004-S Proof1,789,488
2004-S Silver Proof1,175,934
2005-S Proof2,275,000
2005-S Silver Proof1,069,679
2006-S Proof2,000,428
2006-S Silver Proof1,054,008
2007-S Proof1,702,116
2007-S Silver Proof875,050
2008-S Proof1,405,674
2008-S Silver Proof763,887
2009-S Proof1,482,502
2009-S Silver Proof697,365

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages Continued

2010-S Proof1,103,815
2010-S Silver Proof585,401
2011-S Proof1,098,835
2011-S Silver Proof574,175
2012-S Proof843,705
2012-S Silver Proof445,612
2013-S Proof854,785
2013-S Silver Proof467,691
2014-P Silver Proof219,173
2014-S Proof767,977
2014-S Silver Proof472,107
2014-W Silver Reverse Proof219,173
2014-W Gold Proof 50th Anniversary73,772
2015-S Proof711,872
2015-S Silver Proof387,310
2016-S Proof621,774
2016-S Silver Proof406,330
2017-S Proof621,390
2017-S Silver Proof406,986
2018-S Proof568,804
2018-S Silver Proof381,748
2019-S Proof687,480
2019-S Silver Proof460,925
2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof99,998

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages Continued

The mintages presented in the table below are subject to change and reflect most current information as of December 27, 2023.

2020-S Proof511,148
2020-S Silver Proof363,179
2021-S Proof521,826
2021-S Silver Proof319,317
2022-S Proof400,013
2022-S Silver Proof296,425
2023-S Proof367,418
2023-S Silver Proof207,025
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Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Mintage Notes

  • 1979: The 1979-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar has two varieties—the Type 1 and the Type 2. The Type 1 has a filled “S” mint mark and is more common. The Type 2 has a clear “S” mint mark and is scarcer, with an estimated mintage of 428,000. Both the Type 1 and Type 2 versions are included in the mintage for the 1979-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar.
  • 1981: The 1981-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar also has two varieties—the Type 1 and the Type 2. the Type 1 carries a clear “S” mint mark—similar in appearance to the 1979-S Type 2—while the 1981-S Type 2 has a flat “S” mint mark with rounder serifs. Both the Type 1 and Type 2 versions are included in the mintage for the 1981-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar.
  • 2014: The 2014-W Gold Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar is the first gold half dollar issued by the Mint.
  • 2019: The 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was included in the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Proof Half Dollar Set.