1966 Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar (Buy on eBay) was struck in a composition which included 40% silver. The net weight of pure silver within each coin is 0.1479 troy ounces, resulting in a premium to face value even for circulated examples of the issue. Accumulations of the coins may be sold as 40% junk silver.

1966 Kennedy Half Dollar

The circulation strike coins had a mintage of 108,984,932 pieces and were struck without the use of mint marks. Despite the high mintage, these coins can be difficult to find in higher mint state grades. Incredibly, there are fewer than ten pieces that have graded MS67 or higher at PCGS and NGC.

In addition to the coins issued for circulation, the U.S. Mint produced collector versions of the coin for inclusion in Special Mint Sets. These coins have sharper strikes and reflective surfaces. Finding Special Mint Sets examples with cameo or deep cameo contrast is uncommon, and these pieces will be prized by collectors.

1966 Kennedy Half Dollar Specifications:

  • Denomination: $0.50
  • Composition: 40% silver, 60% copper
  • Weight: 11.50 grams
  • Diameter: 30.61 mm
  • Edge: reeded
  • Mint Mark: none (Philadelphia)

1966 Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages:

  • 1966: 108,984,932
  • 1966 Special Mint Set: 2,261,583

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