1980-1989 Kennedy Half Dollars

The Kennedy Half Dollar coins issued between 1980 and 1989 had generally lower mintages than earlier years of the series. By this point, the half dollar denomination was experiencing less robust circulation and fewer coins were required to be minted each year.

For collectors, the 1982 and 1983 half dollars can sometimes be more difficult to find in uncirculated grades. For these two years the US Mint did not issue the annual mint set, which has typically served as a source for uncirculated examples for other years of the series. Accordingly, individual examples and rolls for these two years command premiums.

Another notable year for collectors occurred with the 1987 issues, which were only produced for inclusion in US Mint Sets. This was similar to what had occurred in 1970, although heavier ordering makes the 1987 Kennedy Half Dollars worth less by comparison.

Proof versions of the half dollar struck during the 1980’s are generally more abundant than other years and usually available in high grades. Later proof issues would eventually prove more valuable due to lower mintages.

Kennedy Half Dollars By Year